Guess who solved the Problem Sleuth sudoku!

Guess who solved the Problem Sleuth sudoku!

So a few weeks ago, Sketchbook Pro for the iPad was on sale for the high price of free.  So here’s a sloppy Toothless drawn from (my bad) memory.

(Sketchbook Pro for iPad is millions of times better that the Express one!)

Pieces from this game, which I am going to regularly promo because it was a solid week of work on a completely new program and it’s never happening again.

More FMA sketches to get used to drawing those characters.  Arakawa’s art style, especially for hair, is very distinctive and doesn’t translate into other styles that well.

I’m working on a huge Fullmetal Alchemist project as soon as I finish the planning!

So light ‘em up!

Ariel Cinders, once more from the amazing Gargoyle Legends Series by Heather Fleming.  Everyone should definitely read it (free sample chapters!).

Also kind of for Asilda.

Asilda is my favourite Percy Jackson fanfiction author, okay?


Look at those dorks.

Help me these are so embarrassing.

Quick practice Edward Elric heads.  For some reason, it’s really hard for me to draw his hair…

Empress of Hell and Queen of my Heart.

One day a will post a long recommendation for Heather Fleming’s Gargoyle Legends Series.

Starting it off with year-old palette art of my precious babe!

Pastel Nightlight by Parushine

I’ll also be photographing/scanning some traditional stuff from my sketchbook tomorrow. 

Heads up - I’m going to queue and post a bunch of art I should’ve posted a while ago.

So I made this game…



It’s a really dorky APH Prussia-based flash for a game-programing camp I took a while back.  I can’t edit it any further, though

Read the description before downloading.  Do not repost or reupload the file to anywhere else; please just link back to the or this post.  All art is by me.

I’m not even entirely sure if the game actually works one anyone’s computer but my own…